about me.

My name is Tudor Fat,

     I specialize in 3D modeling, detail sculpting, texturing, characters and creatures for various purposes from mobile games to AAA games and cinematic characters.

     My experience so far comprises several fruitful years working as a 3D character artist working for Gameloft Romania, Evozon Game Studio, Amused Sloth and as a collaborator with Illfonic Games, Platige Image, BossKey Productions and various other freelance projects.

     Each character comes with its own story and background, in itself character creating. This is why I am passionate about what I do and every single character created represents a new experience which is projected in the next characters, which then in its turn makes the new characters even more authentic.


   To continually improve and grow as an artist, to learn as much as possible and to work with other artists to create the most impressive visuals possible.


Autodesk 3D Max – Modo – Mudbox – Adobe Photoshop – Substance Painter – ZBrush – Keyshot – Unity Engen – Crazybump – xNormal – 3D Coat – Topogun​



Platige Image, Evozon Game Studio, Illfonic Games, BossKey Production, Magic Lab Productions, Gameloft,



Contact for any inquires or availability info